this dictionary are .... and the one is mine ⇒ kamus ini adalah .... dan yang satu ini punyaku

jawaban ⇒ yours <punyamu>


pertanyaannya menanyakan tentang kepemilikan...

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Pertanyaan baru di B. inggris

buatlah 15 kalimat positif negatif introgatif menggunakan kata kerja write - wrote - writen​
My sister washes the clotches every day Ganti dengan kalimat negatip dan tanya
Suppose your uncle is appointed the new principal. Write a dialog to congratulate him and express your hope/wish​.
mohon di bantu ya kk ini soal bahasa inggris​
Beni and Dayu going to the..... for reading the book
Pisu aan ma pe er 2 Activity 1 Activity Task 1 Listen to the dialogue and complete the blanks carefully! Anton Vivian Anton Vivian Anton Vivian Anton … Vivian Anton :... (5), Vivian. Vivian : Okay, Anton. : (1) Vivian. : Hi, Anton. Come here. (2) to come here. : Please come in and have a seat, *** *** : Thanks, I'm returning your storybook.... (3) and thanks. : It's alright. ... (4) any other storybook to read? : Yes, please. How kind of you. Can I see your newest storybook? : Of course. Here it is. Task 2 Listen to the dialogue of Task 1 again and answer the questions below it carefully! 1. Where is the appropriate place of the dialogue? 2. What has Anton borrowed from Vivian? 3. Mention the thanking expressions in the dialogue! 4. What kind of book does Vivian lend to Anton? 5. What is the relation of Anton and Vivian? Activity 2 National Charact Communicative, creative, curious, di responsible Students do the activity in a controlle know something, not likely to cheat by others, and having controlled Students so practice the active others and giving information abou of greetings, leave taking, apologiz gratitude Students also create a d expressions using their own creat​
We need to have physical exercise every day to keep our healthy
ini ka bantu yaaaaaaaaaaaa​
tolong ya kakk pliss​
tolong banget ini untuk besok​